Determining true individuals, reaching to them and persuading to be a member of a defined team requires a specific competence.

Reviewing and assessing the objectives, qualities and conveniences to institutions of people in an objective way is a work of masterships which requires experience at the same time. Some of the basic qualities to be looked for in the HR consultancy company to be chosen as a business partnership are Market and sector knowledge, researching, technical substructure for information collection and processing, a broad applicant data base, process management skill and interview techniques expertise.

ISC is an experienced HR consultancy company which proved to have all the above said qualities and ensured a high satisfaction by means of offering special services to the companies collaborated to an extent exceeding their expectations.

ISC Danismanlik has been the preference of the companies aiming at reaching to professionals in the field of Information Technologies since 2001. At the same time, it is the unique company coming to mind thanks to being the first HR organization in terms of recruitment in SAP field.

Our Mission
Our mission is to contribute to companies to achieve their strategic objectives by providing such services as finding, choosing and placing human skills needed in expertise areas which requires specific qualities and in high level management positions.

Our Vision
Our vision is to be most preferred company by means of offering the services, needed in the field of human resources consultancy, to companies, specialists and administrators in a way exceeding their expectations.

Our Working philosophy and Basic Values:

  • Clarity and honesty
  • Respect to human
  • Customer orientation
  • Partner embracing and responsibility
  • Performing a true job in one go
  • Qualified service – full satisfaction

Different Aspects of ISC

  • It specialized in the sector of Information Technologies.
  • It has a broad and qualified applicant data base which is being updated regularly.
  • It makes you feel it’s strong substructure and experience in the processes of finding applicants, interviewing and evaluating.
  • It is a company known and preferred by the companies looking for high quality employees.
  • It applies different choosing techniques peculiar to the SAP sector.
  • It has the capacity of creating alternate resources in the field of Information Technologies and SAP.
  • It works with experienced and skillful consultants.
  • It is assertive about reaching true applicants in a quicker way and obtaining accurate results.
  • It gets effective results by means of thinking and acting in a customer-oriented way.