ISC Human Resources is celebrating its 15th year!

ISC İnsan Kaynakları 21/05/2016 News

sibel-suerkan-borkluISC Human Resources is celebrating its 15th year! Starting with SAP in recruitment field in 2001, ISC became a business partner of the companies which require team members in the information technologies. Today, ISC serves in a wide range of resources from new graduates to experienced staff for their client’s needs.

ISC’s target is to bring candidates together with partner companies using improved technologies in a suitable environment. Since the hiring process in the IT industry requires deep expertise, ISC serves with an experienced and dynamic team. ISC is known as an example in recruitment sector for its innovative structure and continuous development of the organization.

ISC Human Resources Company General Manager Sibel BÖRKLÜ assessed the past fifteen years and shared company’s future strategy:

“15 years of experience is quite significant for ISC to determine todays strategies towards the future. The main change in the sector is employee’s interests. The expectations of the professionals from the business world have changed. They desire self-development, to participate in projects that would benefit in different areas, to close certain gaps, and work in the fields to increase competition. Working with companies that shape the future is our advantage that allows us to present opportunities to professionals and via, our network to help them become a member of these pioneer companies. You have to watch carefully and analyze the sector if you want to be a powerful recruitment partner in the sector that utilizes a 14% employee turnover.

We plan our technological investments to respond the needs of the companies we work with quickly and accurately and at the same time analyze the preferences of professionals that we shall offer for these positions. We are aware that our business is “human beings”.  Thus, we direct all our activities adhering to universal ethical values. We proactively developed alternative solutions and recruitment techniques to meet the demands of our clients who develop local and global solutions. In the future, we aim to continue to serve as a solution-oriented and innovative partner.

ISC in the fifteenth year is proud to be a company that recruits thousands of people, to have the chance to work with innovative companies all over the world and in Turkey as well. ISC will continue to be an ethical and trusted business partner without devaluating its core values in the future as of today.

Thanks to everyone who accompanied us on our journey.