Interview Tips for New Graduates

What New Graduates Should Pay Attention to in Job Interviews
When it comes to Human Resources, one of the first issues wondered by many people has always been how recruitment is done. The interview process is a little exciting for almost everyone in business life. For candidates who have just graduated from university, this process is a little more full of unknowns. Many of our new graduates want to start their business life with fast and confident steps after completing their education. Taking advantage of the opportunities offered by this new world, which is modernising and becoming integrated with technology, will be very useful for new graduates at this stage. There are several steps you should pay attention to during the interview process. Below we have compiled these steps that will be useful for you.

Efficient CV
Create your CV in a professional manner. Make sure it is in a neat and simple format.

Do Research
Before the interview, research about the company you are applying for and learn about its services, customers and competitors.
Attend the Interview on Time and Try Online Interview Platforms in Advance
It will be advantageous for you to connect at least 5-10 minutes before the interview time. Downloading the platform where you will conduct the interview to your computer, or if it is a non-downloadable platform, connecting and trying it in advance will prevent you from experiencing a technical glitch.

Pay Attention to Your Appearance
First impressions are always very important in interviews. As a new graduate, make the recruitment specialist feel that you care about this process.

Remember Which Position You Are Applying For
Since many new graduates apply for more than one position, they may forget which position they are interviewing for during the interview and this situation is negatively perceived by the recruitment specialist. Make the other person feel how willing and suitable you are for the position. At the same time, you can gain an advantage in the eyes of the recruitment specialist by pointing out which features are sought in the position you are applying for and which features of yours overlap with them.

Look Enthusiastic and Energetic
Take care to use an honest, sincere and corporate style during the interview. Make the other party feel your desire and motivation for the position.

Keep Your Answers Short and Clear
Take care to find the balance. Answering the question in long time without giving the other person the opportunity to speak can be considered tiring and negative for the recruitment specialist.

Plan the Questions You Want to Ask in Advance
If you have any questions about the position and the company you are being interviewed for, make preparations beforehand. At the same time, revealing different thoughts and asking questions about the position will make the recruitment specialist think about how willing and attentive you are to the role.

Do Research on the People Who Will Do The Interview
There may be several people other than the Recruitment Specialist in the interviews. For this reason, it will be advantageous for you to find out who you will meet before the interview. If the interview will be held online, you can find out by confirming who else has received the invitation.